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We had millions of datapoints to enrich. Lead generation is a fairly core activity inside our marketing department. We used the API to enrich people and get new companies to prospect. This was done very fast thanks to the solid and fast API integration.
Tom Smith
Senior Vice President, director of Research at IBM.

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// enrich an email
  email : "valerian@crisp.chat"
.then(function(data) {
  console.info("Enriched email:", data);
.catch(function(error) {
  console.error("Failed enriching email:", error);

// enrich a company client.Enrich.Company({ domain : "microsoft.com" }) .then(function(data) { console.info("Enriched domain:", data); }) .catch(function(error) { console.error("Failed enriching domain:", error); });
// verify a email client.Verify.ValidateEmail({ email : "valerian@crisp.chat" });
// enrich an email
data = client.enrich.person({
  email: "valerian@crisp.chat"

// enrich a company data = client.enrich.company({ domain: "microsoft.com" })
// verify a email data = client.verify.validate_email({ email: "valerian@crisp.chat" })
// enrich an email
data, _, err := client.Enrich.EnrichPersonBy("email", "valerian@crisp.chat")

// enrich a company data, _, err := client.Enrich.EnrichDomainBy("domain", "microsoft.com")
// verify a email data, _, err := client.Verify.ValidateEmail("valerian@crisp.chat")
// enrich an email
$data = $client->enrich->person([
  "email" => "valerian@crisp.chat"

// enrich a company $data = $client->enrich->company([ "domain" => "microsoft.com" ]);
// verify a email $data = $client->verify->validateEmail([ "email" => "valerian@crisp.chat" ]);