Enrich your business data.

Pass in a person email, company domain or IP address.
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Valérian Saliou

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    Co-founder CTO @Crisp_im
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    Paris, France
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    9:14pm (UTC+01:00)


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    Paris, France
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    SAAS, B2B, Software

Enrich user profiles, companies & IP addresses.

Feed the Enrich API either an user email, a company domain name or an IP address. Get enriched data out.

Enrich a person

The Person Enrich API lets you feed an user email, and get enriched data points on that person, aggregated from public social profiles and online activity.

Use the enriched person data to pre-fill signup forms, show the user data in your SaaS application or to send targeted & personnalized marketing emails.

For instance, the Person Enrich API can reveal which job position a person has, which lets you customize your SaaS product onboarding to increase conversion.

  • Profile picture

    Person avatar found on social medias.

  • Full name

    Person full name found on social medias.

  • Gender

    Detected person gender from online activity

  • Timezone

    Person timezone from last reported location

  • Emails

    Person email addresses, personal and business

  • Phones

    Person phone numbers, personal and business

  • Legal name

    Company legal name for domain.

  • Company logo

    Company logo, as an image URL (JPG or PNG).

  • Website URL

    URL of company website.

  • YouTube channel

    URL of YouTube channel for company.

  • Facebook profile

    URL of Facebook profile for company.

Enrich a Company

The Company Enrich API lets you put in a company domain, and get all details on the company owning this domain name, from multiple data sources.

Use the enriched company data to qualify users based on the company employee size, the amount of money they raised, or sector. You also get a list of key employees in that company.

For instance, the Company Enrich API can let you find the name, email and phone number of the CEO of a given company.

Enrich a Network

The Network Enrich API lets you reveal information on who’s behind an IP address. Pass an IP in and get advanced data on that network address (IPv4 & IPv6).

Use the enriched network data to geolocate an IP (ie. an user), check if an IP is a proxy, VPN, server, mobile or home Internet connection, and more.

For instance, the Network Enrich API can let you reduce fraud by checking if an IP is a proxy or not.

  • IP Hostname

    Hostname assigned to IP in reverse DNS.

  • Geo Coordinates

    Coordinates for IP (latitude & longitude).

  • Country

    Country where the IP / server is located.

  • Street & City

    Street name & city where the IP / server is located.

  • Network Range

    Network CIDR for the block the IP belongs to.

  • Organization

    Owner organization company details.