Verify your user data.

Ever wondered if an email address an user provides is valid?
The Verify API lets you validate data. Try to verify your own email now.

  • Use a webmail
  • Has Gravatar
  • Active SMTP server
  • High Volume server
  • Implement server policies

Verify user email addresses. Reduce errors & bounces.

Feed the Verify API an user email. Get a comprehensive verification report out.

Validate an Email

The Email Verify API lets you check an email exists. Put an email in, and get the probability that this email exists with detailed check information.

Use the email verification data to clean up your mailing list and reduce the bounce rate. You can also use this data to check your users don’t provide wrong email addresses, or do a typo when entering their email.

  • Uses a webmail

    Email provider has a webmail?

  • Has a Gravatar

    Email address has a Gravatar set?
    (the email owner defined an avatar for their email)

  • Active SMTP server

    SMTP server exists and is reachable for domain?
    (emails can be sent to this server)

  • High volume sender

    Email domain is a high-volume sender?
    (provider sends a lot of emails)

  • Sender policies

    Email domain defines sender policies?